One Global Network

MetaBlox is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network that’s accessible to all.

WiFi OpenRoaming

MetaBlox Network is joining the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) in a mission to build one global WiFi OpenRoaming network.
Users stay connected by seamlessly roaming across the network’s global WiFi access points in a permissionless, automatic, and decentralized way.

Decentralized ID

For WiFi Access at 1,000,000+ Locations

By getting a decentralized identifier (DID) from the MetaBlox Network app, anyone can automatically access a global WiFi network reaching a million+ locations.

Passwordless Access

The DID is also compatible with all major Layer 1 blockchains, so it offers a Web3-native credential for future decentralized applications aiming to integrate automatic, passwordless access.

Mobile App

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MetaBlox WiFi Mining

MetaBlox routers are owned by community members, enabling the decentralized deployment of its global WiFi OpenRoaming network. The Web3 community is incentivized to purchase routers because they mine $MBLX tokens for their owners while providing free WiFi to the public.

Miner-Pegged NFT

Every MetaBlox NFT is pegged to a MetaBlox Network router in a premium location, delivering holders the ongoing tokens it generates. Holders also claim rewards via the NFTs other special utilities.

Important Updates

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