Join Us As We Build a Global WiFi Network

MetaBlox is delivering enterprise-grade WiFi roaming to the public worldwide, for access to Web3 and the Metaverse, upgraded security, savings on cellular services, and a superior user experience overall.

WiFi OpenRoaming

MetaBlox has joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) in a mission to build a global WiFi OpenRoaming network.
OpenRoaming keeps WiFi users connected by letting them roam seamlessly between local access points in an automatic, permissionless, and decentralized way.

Community Deployment

WiFi users themselves are rewarded for building the global WiFi network:

Mining opportunities 

Exclusive events

WiFi users themselves are rewarded for building the global WiFi network:

Governance rights

MetaBlox Community

WiFi Miner

Build a global WiFi OpenRoaming network with MetaBlox:
The more connections a MetaBlox miner makes, the larger its yields

Mobile App

To earn MetaBlox points* while enjoying global WiFi roaming, get the MetaBlox app and create a free profile. After setup, you’ll connect to WiFi instantly at any MetaBlox miner. After connecting, claiming tokens is as simple as pushing ‘Validate Network’ on the app.

*redeemable for tokens after MetaBlox’s TGE this year.

Underlying Technology


Users roam seamlessly between MetaBlox WiFi access points hosted by different operators and organizations, without ever facing a login screen after initial connection.

DID + VC Protocol

MetaBlox’s on-chain user authentication for WiFi connections employs decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs), enabling new mining opportunities as well as privacy protection.

Enterprise-grade WiFi

Enterprise-level public WiFi is finally here. MetaBlox WiFi delivers levels of security and performance typically offered only in large corporate environments.

MetaBlox News

MetaBlox Launches Next-Gen WiFi-Miner

The next generation of cryptocurrency mining has arrived with the launch of MetaBlox’s WiFi-miner, which generates MetaBlox points while providing WiFi. After MetaBlox’s token generation event this year, points will be redeemable for tokens.

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