One Global Network

MetaBlox is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network that’s accessible to all.

WiFi OpenRoaming

MetaBlox Network has joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) in a mission to build a global WiFi OpenRoaming network.
Users stay connected by seamlessly roaming across the network’s global WiFi access points in a permissionless, automatic, and decentralized way.

Decentralized ID

For Passwordless WiFi Roaming at 2 000 000+ Locations

By getting a decentralized identifier (DID) from the MetaBlox Network app, anyone can access a global WiFi network that delivers automatic connections at a million+ locations.
No usernames or passwords are required to access WiFi on the global network–seamless reconnections occur whenever DID-equipped devices move within range of an access point.

Web3 Native

DIDs are verified by blockchain nodes in a mining process compatible with all major L1 networks. This makes them Web3’s preferred credential type, offering dApps a decentralized and passwordless login mechanism.

Mobile App

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MetaBlox WiFi Mining

Anyone can mine MBLX tokens by deploying a MetaBlox router. These routers are nodes on the first decentralized WiFi network, providing automatic connections at millions of locations worldwide.
The nodes verify internet users’ on-chain web credentials* in a mining process, so they issue tokens while establishing WiFi connections.Token yields are proportional to the amount of verifications carried out.

*Available to download for free on the MetaBlox app

Important Updates

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