3 Ways the MetaBlox Network Serves You!

The Internet is under attack, or perhaps it has always been like this but we never realized it. It’s not the same open, accessible, and democratic information space we have always dreamt of.

Since Internet service providers and other tech giants can easily monitor, store, and sell your data, the internet lacks data privacy and puts your confidentiality at risk. Providers can also share your data with government agencies for monetary benefits. This surveillance can be extremely extensive and intrusive.

At MetaBlox Network, we believe that people should be the owners of their information, and that they should decide what information to share and how. Additionally, net neutrality is at risk. This is all akin to the Internet becoming the next cable television, where you can only visit the channels for which you can afford to pay. Providers might prioritize the web traffic from the users who make the highest bids. They would thus unfairly restrict access to information for those who cannot pay more for more Internet use.

MetaBlox aims to solve this problem by changing the way people connect to the new internet– Web 3.0 . We aim to contribute to the creation of a decentralized, democratic, and fair Internet that empowers real, everyday users. We envision MetaBlox miners replacing every single router across smart cities, allowing users to share their bandwidth and earn MetaBlox Tokens ($MBLX) while doing so.

3 Reasons For Choosing MetaBlox!

What makes MetaBlox special is that it gives users data sovereignty and security. This helps establish a trustworthy network for accessing Web3.0 and the Metaverse.

Here are the three pillars of MetaBlox’s vision!

Ownership of Data

MetaBlox leverages DID and VC models to support the latest Web 3.0 standards and to give people full control of their data. This allows them to manage where and how their data is stored and shared.

MetaBlox app users will be issued a uniquely generated MetaBlox ID to access all Web 3.0 applications across the major L1 blockchains.

Enterprise-Level Security

To implement a truly decentralized, secure, and trustworthy digital identification system, MetaBlox uses DID (decentralized identifiers) technology. This helps people represent their identity in the web 3.0 world without having to show their government IDs, email addresses, and passwords, etc.
Additionally, MetaBlox provides its users with comprehensive security that protects home networks and private data as well as cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Every component of the MetaBlox Network protocol includes these security features, which are meticulously designed and fully tested.

Share & Earn

The MetaBlox Network represents a self-regulated economic model. It is the people who it incentivizes for sharing their private, censorship-resistant, and safe internet connection as hotspot miners.

MetaBlox connects all WiFi hotspots in an area and converts them into single decentralized miners. This incentivizes continued mining as well as network validation by users .

Final Words

The purpose of our technology and app is to bypass whatever existing or possible restrictions could be imposed on people’s free access to information. As a result of this bypassing, we will have no control over the MetaBlox network since it will be autonomous and self-regulated. This is how we have always envisioned the internet to be – safe, private, and democratic.
Join the world’s most user-centric network as we create the people’s Internet that we all deserve!

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