We’re always looking to connect with individuals and organizations who wish to participate in building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network.


For any inquiries, email Emails sent to other addresses will be ignored.
MetaBlox Network’s TGE date is sensitive to market conditions, but will occur sometime in 2023. All rewards from staking and other promotions will be distributed on the token launch day.
Staking brings daily rewards at 0.35$/MBLX token. This price is calculated based on the token’s planned IDO launch price. Mining rewards vary depending on miner location.
WiFi routers are currently secured via the purchase of a Metablox NFT. By owning the NFT you “own” a router, along with the $MBLX tokens it produces. If you wish to purchase a physical router, stay tuned for release updates.
No, everything stays as is, except you will get upgraded WiFi. Besides mining utilities, you get enterprise level security, a stronger WiFi signal, and other features.
If you’d like to get to know more about our project, feel free to get in touch via email.

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