How To Withdraw Your MetaBlox NFT From Binance

Congratulations on purchasing your MetaBlox NFTs from Binance! Now that you’re a proud owner of those pretty spinning cubes, you can start withdrawing them and putting your new digital assets to good use. 

The MetaBlox NFT

So what makes MetaBlox NFTs special? Aside from just looking plain cool, MetaBlox NFTs reward its owners with $MLBX tokens.

MetaBlox NFTs can be staked for passive income by making them work in the blockchain. You can stake your NFTs until December 12, 2022, and earn approximately 12 $MLBX (approximately $4) per day. Read our article about what staking is if you’d like to learn more. 

Another way you can earn passive income from your MetaBlox NFTs is through cloud mining. MetaBlox NFTs are pegged to routers that provide access to MetaBlox Network WiFi while issuing $MBLX tokens. The more connections a router makes, the more tokens it issues. 

Aside from regular rewards, NFT owners are also entitled to special airdrops and boosted mining income.

Lastly, MetaBlox NFTs grant exclusive access to events held by MetaBlox and its partners.

Limited amounts of NFTs are still available, so grab them while they last. 

If you’ve already purchased your NFTs from Binance, you can withdraw them now by following the steps below.


  1. Connect the Binance smart chain to your MetaMask wallet. Click here for MetaMask’s detailed instructions on how to do this.
  2. Buy your MetaBlox NFT from Binance
    1. Go to your profile on Binance
    2. Click on the MetaBlox Genesis NFT collection
    3. Click on the NFT you want (select up to 50)
    4. Click ‘confirm’
    5. Select the BSC address you want to withdraw your NFT to
    6. Click ‘withdraw’ and then ‘confirm’
  3. Import your Metablox NFT to your wallet
    1. Click ‘import token’ on Binance
    2. Copy token contract address: 0xf21C6C19c9d1206Ee252B6Dab49A224FEC0A5DFb
    3. Enter ‘0’ into ‘token decimal’ field
    4. Click ‘add custom token’
    5. Click ‘import token’
    6. Your MetaBlox NFT should now be viewable at your MetaMask address
  4. View your MetaBlox NFT in MetaMask Mobile
    1. Import the same token contract address as above
    2. Copy your NFT’s unique token ID from Binance and paste it into the collectible ID slot in your MetaMask Mobile wallet
    3. Once processed, you will be able to view your NFT