What is MetaBlox Network?

MetaBlox is developing the tools needed to create a new, more user-centric internet. Its decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network is helping achieve this mission: By using blockchain technology to provide passwordless, widespread, and automatic public WiFi coverage in a trustless and decentralized manner, this global network will create a convenient, lower-cost, and Web3 native supplement to cellular data.

MetaBlox’s blockchain-based authentication mechanism enables decentralized WiFi connections where users maintain full control and ownership over their online identity rather than handing over their data to centralized providers.And although DID-verifications are recorded on the blockchain, they need not contain any personal data, allowing for an anonymous presence on the ledger. Moreover, the global, decentralized WiFi network is protected by enterprise-level security.

Users themselves are incentivized with mining rewards to deploy the network by hosting MetaBlox miners .These miners are special WiFi routers that function as blockchain nodes, verifying Decentralized Identity (DID) credentials in a mining process.After all nodes reach a consensus on a given DID verification, the node to which the DID was initially presented will establish a WiFi connection for the user, and generate mPoints for its host. Yields are proportionate to the amount of connections a given miner establishes, and will be stakeable for MBLX tokens after MetaBlox’s IDO in 2023.

Miner hosts can still track their rewards from the MetaBlox app ,which is also where users can create their DID credential to access the network.

Download the free MetaBlox app for iOS or Android.

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