MetaBlox Mining Overview #


MetaBlox Network’s deployment method is fully decentralized, and incentivizes growth via rewards. How this is achieved is explained below:


The network’s WiFi routers are also miners which are owned by individuals, and which generate $MBLX tokens as they connect users to the internet. The more connections a given miner establishes, the more tokens it issues for its owner. To enable token generation when a router is establishing a WiFi connection, the given router must also be validated on a network-connected personal device.


This decentralized router distribution model incentivizes growth by rewarding those who invest in the network: anyone who purchases a miner funds another access point to MetaBlox Network WiFi while receiving crypto tokens in return.


An easy way to purchase a miner is by purchasing a MetaBlox NFT instead of the physical rig. Every MetaBlox Genesis series NFT is pegged to a miner, which delivers the tokens it issues to the NFT holder’s crypto wallet. This feature is called cloud mining, and will activate on December 12th, 2022.


The MetaBlox Network miners pegged to the NFTs are fully maintained and powered by MetaBlox, so NFT holders don’t accrue any of the operating costs associated with mining. After the initial investment in the NFT, there are no costs to receiving the tokens issued by the pegged miner. MetaBlox’s special Utility-NFT is currently available on OpenSea.


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