MetaBlox Mining Overview #

MetaBlox’s global OpenRoaming WiFi network is being deployed in a fully decentralized manner, and incentivizes further expansion via mining rewards.


The routers providing connections to the network (from locations around the world) function as blockchain nodes that work together to verify special credentials know as Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). So although a user can connect to WiFi at any local router, the entire network of routers complete the DID verification process.


As a result of this on-chain authentication process for WiFi logins, these routers create tokens in a mining process. Consequently, the routers are known as MetaBlox miners, which anyone can purchase and host. The more OpenRoaming WiFi connections a given miner establishes, the more tokens it issues for its owner.


This mining process enables a decentralized WiFi deployment model where individuals are incentivized to host their own miner providing public WiFi access for maximum rewards.Currently, MetaBlox mining rewards are mPoints that will become stakeable for MetaBlox Tokens in 2023. Miner hosts can still track their rewards from the MetaBlox app.


To connect to the global WiFi network, anyone can get a free DID for their device from the MetaBlox app, available for IoS and Android.

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