How To Withdraw and Stake Your MetaBlox NFT #

This article will go over how to purchase and withdraw your MetaBlox NFT from Binance, as well as how to stake it for daily $MBLX token rewards.

How To Withdraw Your MetaBlox NFT From Binance #

After purchasing your NFT from Binance, follow the below steps to withdraw it to your MetaMask wallet.

1. Connect the Binance smart chain to your MetaMask wallet. Click here for MetaMask’s detailed instructions on how to do this.

2. Buy your MetaBlox NFT from Binance

a. Go to your profile on Binance

b. Click on the MetaBlox Genesis NFT collection

c. Click on the NFT you want (select up to 50)

d. Click ‘confirm’

e. Select the BSC address you want to withdraw your NFT to

f. Click ‘withdraw’ and then ‘confirm’

3. Import your Metablox NFT to your wallet

a. Click ‘import token’ on Binance

b. Copy token contract address: 0xf21C6C19c9d1206Ee252B6Dab49A224FEC0A5DFb

c. Enter ‘0’ into ‘token decimal’ field

d. Click ‘add custom token’

e. Click ‘import token’

f. Your MetaBlox NFT should now be viewable at your MetaMask address

4. View your MetaBlox NFT in MetaMask Mobile

a. Import the same token contract address as above

b. Copy your NFT’s unique token ID from Binance and paste it into the collectible ID slot in your MetaMask Mobile wallet.

c. Once processed, you will be able to view your NFT.

How to Stake Your MetaBlox NFT #

Below are the instructions for staking your NFT. NFT staking simply means locking up your digital asset on the blockchain while you get rewards in return. These rewards are given in exchange for letting your assets support the blockchain’s operations.

1. Purchase and withdraw your NFT to your MetaMask wallet

a. Install MetaMask wallet in your browser

b. To withdraw from Binance, follow these guidelines

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the MetaBlox staking site

a. Go to the MetaBlox staking site:

b. Click ‘connect’

c. Enter your MetaMask information in the popup box to connect your NFT to the staking platform

3. Select your NFT for staking

a. Click ‘start staking’ in the top corner of the MetaBlox staking site

b. A list of the NFTs in your wallet will be displayed. Select your MetaBlox NFT for staking

c. Click ‘stake’

4. View your staking summary

a. Wait for the system to load

b. A complete list of the NFTs you have staked will appear

c. You will see a figure representing the total staking rewards earned in the top right corner of the staking site