Metablox App: Access the Decentralized Global WiFi Network #


The MetaBlox app is the key to accessing MetaBlox’s global WiFi OpenRoaming network in a few simple steps. Step 1 below outlines how to set up the app, while step 2 gives instructions for subsequently connecting your device to the network.After initially connecting to the network, you will not have to open the app again to reconnect. Connections will establish automatically whenever your device moves back within range of a router. This lets users travel from access point to access point while staying seamlessly connected to the network.

1. Seting Up

a) Download the free MetaBlox app for Android or iOS, then open it.

b) Tap ‘Get a New Wallet’.

c) Enter a nickname, then tap ‘Create’.

d) Wait a few seconds, then tap ‘Continue’ when it appears.

2. Connecting 

a) Ensure that your device is within range of a MetaBlox miner providing an active OpenRoaming WiFi connection.

b) In the app, navigate to the ‘WiFi’ tab, then tap ‘Connect to Hotspots’.

c) Tap ‘Allow’ in the popup that appears.

d) Go to your device’s WiFi settings and select the network called ‘MetaBlox-OpenRoaming’.

e) On iPhone, tap ‘Trust’ in the popup that appears. You should now connect to ‘MetaBlox-OpenRoaming’. All subsequent connections to WiFi at any MetaBlox miner or WBA OpenRoaming router will be automatic.