MetaBlox Mining Security #

WiFi mining with MetaBlox is a simple and secure way to earn ongoing MetaBlox point yields while providing internet access to yourself, your friends, family, or the general public. Anyone within range of a MetaBlox miner can connect to free, enterprise-level WiFi, while the miner host will get MetaBlox points in return. Points will become redeemable for tokens later in 2023.

Although these miners provide a public network for maximum point yields, MetaBlox takes measures to ensure that your personal network remains secure and protected, even if you choose to deploy a miner in your home.


Optimal Security for Miners #

Any home network kept by MetaBlox hosts is not compromised by the public network created by our routers for mining. Even if the public network is attacked, our safeguards protect your personal data. Two options are available for this:


1. If you wish to keep using the home network provided by your existing router, a firewall can isolate this network from the public network created by a MetaBlox router, so attacks on the latter do not compromise the former.


2. If you wish to use a MetaBlox router for both mining and personal WiFi, the router can provide a standard, password-protected home network, and the minable public OpenRoaming Network will be isolated from your private network. This isolation mechanism protects your devices from exposing their data to the public OpenRoaming Network.