MetaBlox NFT Overview #


Every purchase of a MetaBlox NFT supports the deployment of a MetaBlox router which provides access to a global WiFi OpenRoaming network. In return for their support, the NFT gives users ongoing rewards via three Web3 utilities: cloud mining, NFT staking, and OG community status.


The collection is currently available on Binance.


Cloud Mining #


Each MetaBlox Genesis NFT secures the rights to the point yields generated by a MetaBlox router. Each router verifies on-chain web credentials in a mining process to provide access to MetaBlox’s OpenRoaming WiFi network. The size of point yields depend on the number of verifications the given router executes, so to maximize returns, NFT-pegged routers are located in areas with high WiFi traffic. Mining points from NFT cloud mining will become stakeable for Tokens after MetaBlox’s IDO in 2023.


The MetaBlox miners pegged to the NFTs are fully maintained and powered by MetaBlox, so NFT holders don’t accrue any of the operating costs associated with mining. After the initial investment in the NFT, there are no costs to receiving the points issued by the pegged miner.

NFT Staking #


The Genesis NFT can also be staked for rewards. This involves simply depositing the NFT into MetaBlox’s staking pool, where it remains inaccessible to the holder until they choose to withdraw it from staking.


When a pool is open, holders stake their NFT on the MetaBlox staking site, and will receive mPoints for each day their NFT is staked.Holders can withdraw their NFT from the pool at any time, but need to wait until it closes to obtain their staking rewards. This article explains how to stake your MetaBlox NFT.


OG Community Membership Pass #


The Genesis NFT is also proof of OG membership status in the MetaBlox community, which comes with the following benefits:


-VIP status at special events held by MetaBlox and its partners

-Special airdrops from gamefi partners

-Boosted mining incomes from defi partners

-Discounted price for using MetaBlox WiFi network for business

-Stronger voting rights in community governance