What is MetaBlox Network? #

MetaBlox is developing the tools needed to create a new, more user-centric internet. Products such as its decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming networ are helping achieve this mission. By using blockchain technology to provide passwordless, widespread, and automatic public WiFi coverage in a trustless manner, this global network will create a convenient and W3 native supplement to cellular networks. MetaBlox’s blockchain-based WiFi authentication mechanism also helps ensure that all connections to its global network are protected by enterprise-level security.

Users themselves are incentivized with mining rewards to deploy the network by hosting MetaBlox miner-routers. In order to establish WiFi connections, these special routers verify on-chain, Decentralized Identifier-based (DID) web credentials in a mining process. Token yields produced by routers can be claimed by the individual or organization hosting them. Moreover, the routers function as blockchain nodes, reaching a consensus on each DID transaction and recording them on the ledger.

But although DID credential verifications are recorded on the blockchain, they are anonymized so DIDs cannot be traced to particular users. Moreover, since DID credentials are verified on the blockchain, what data is held on them cannot be exposed to third parties.

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