What is MetaBlox Network? #

MetaBlox Network is developing the tools needed to create a new, more user-centric internet. Products such as a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network are helping achieve this mission. By providing passwordless, widespread, and automatic connections to public WiFi, this global network will create a convenient and low-cost supplement to cellular roaming.

The global WiFi OpenRoaming network will also be deployed in a decentralized way, where users earn rewards from its operations. One way to support the network is by purchasing the MetaBlox NFT, which both earns rewards from and funds the network’s infrastructure.

Moreover, the network’s access points use a connection method (or protocol) that integrates the latest Web3 and blockchain technologies, including the Decentralized ID (DID). This ensures enterprise level security and user privacy: personal data is not exposed to third parties, stored on a central server, or even needed to access the network.

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