MetaBlox Announces Special NFT Staking Period

Hold and earn crypto a month after getting your MetaBlox NFT

The cloud mining utility for MetaBlox NFTs will launch on December 12th, giving holders free crypto profits made from miners maintained by MetaBlox. However, holders will be able to earn crypto with their NFT much sooner.

MetaBlox has announced that between September 12th and December 12th, 2022, MetaBlox NFT holders will get daily airdrops of $MBLX tokens if they deposit their NFT into a staking pool on the MetaBlox app. And with flexible staking, holders can withdraw their NFT from the staking pool at any time and keep tokens earned until that point.

All tokens earned from staking will be deposited into crypto wallets on December 12th. After that, they will keep earning tokens as cloud mining profits.

Make sure to load your crypto wallet with ETH for the September 6th launch, and to keep updated on MetaBlox’s social media channels!

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