MetaBlox Launches Next-Gen WiFi-Miner

The next generation of cryptocurrency mining has arrived with the launch of MetaBlox’s WiFi-miner, which generates mPoints while providing WiFi. After MetaBlox’s token generation event this year, points will become stakeable for MetaBlox tokens.

Mining earnings can easily be tracked from the MetaBlox app – find instructions for how here.

Visit the miner sales page now, or keep reading to explore how this device and the services it provides are set to transform not only the crypto mining world but the internet as well.

Global, Decentralized WiFi

Each MetaBlox miner provides connections to a global WiFi network which allows users to roam seamlessly between access points. After connecting initially at any participating router/miner, users enjoy automatic reconnections at over 3 million locations. To connect initially, users create a free decentralized identity (DID) WiFi OpenRoaming credential on the MetaBlox app.

Mobile App

MetaBlox’s DID + VC Protocol governs this process whereby nodes (router-miners) verify DIDs to establish WiFi connections, and transactions are recorded on the blockchain ledger.

Download the MetaBlox app now to enjoy free decentralized OpenRoaming:

MetaBlox’s Web3 WiFi Vision

The global WiFi network accessed through MetaBlox miners provides seamless, global internet coverage that will lay the foundation for Web3 applications requiring large-scale, continuous network coverage such as the Metaverse.

The DID-based identity management/authentication protocol developed by MetaBlox for WiFi logins also offers the infrastructure needed for Web3 dApps to offer passwordless, on-chain authentications for logins and other actions. For instance, users needing to verify their account to level-up in GameFi could enjoy passwordless authentication via DID.

And since on-chain authentications governed by MetaBlox Protocol enable token generation (as explained below), the technology could also provide dApp users and investors with new mining opportunities.

Community Network Ownership

Since individuals purchase, deploy, and operate MetaBlox miners, ownership of the network they provide access to is distributed across this community. Profits are paid out in the form of mining rewards for helping users connect to WiFi in a Web3 native way.

WiFi Mining

MetaBlox miner operators get ongoing rewards for helping deploy the global decentralized WiFi network.

As mentioned, MetaBlox miners are routers that authenticate user credentials to establish WiFi connections. However, these routers are miners since they verify DID credentials on the blockchain rather than through a central server. When one miner receives a user’s DID to establish a WiFi connection, the other miners, functioning as blockchain nodes, confirm the validity of that DID transaction, and then record it on the blockchain ledger as authentication proof. This process results in reward yields produced by the initial miner that established the connection.

Moreover, this process involves computations that are far less complex than those required by traditional PoW mining. So, since they are routers, MetaBlox miners require far less energy than conventional ASIC miners.

A MetaBlox router-miner

The more WiFi connections a MetaBlox miner establishes by verifying DIDs, the more tokens it earns, though average yields are about 3-4 tokens daily. The token has not launched yet, so mining rewards will be issued as credits that can be viewed on MetaBlox’s mining platform at

In Conclusion

MetaBlox’s WiFi-miner is a game-changing innovation for mining that allows operators to earn token yields while providing the public with enterprise-level WiFi previously only accessible to large companies. This upgraded WiFi includes higher security, better internet quality, and the coverage needed to explore Web3 and the Metaverse.

The new miner, therefore, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in the decentralization of the internet while profiting from the value it creates. By investing in MetaBlox miners, operators not only gain access to a powerful mining tool but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of blockchain-based WiFi and Web3.

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