MetaBlox Network Successfully Presented at the Wireless Global Congress

The MetaBlox Network team, headed by Dr. Yan Zhang, successfully presented at the Wireless Global Congress held at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam from October 17 to 20. The 4-day conference was also attended by big-name companies from around the world, including industry giants like Intel, Nokia, and Cisco.

The big topic of the conference was WiFi and 5G, and how the two technologies can converge for a better wireless networking experience.

MetaBlox Network shares the same mission as the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) in building one global WiFi OpenRoaming network. To help achieve this goal, Dr. Zhang presented MetaBlox Network’s decentralized WiFi authentication protocol based on decentralized identities (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs) standards. This will play an important role in solving connection and integration challenges that currently face members of the WBA’s OpenRoaming alliance of WiFi providers.

During the presentation, Dr. Zhang gave a live demonstration of the MetaBlox app and its key functionalities. The demo showed how the app generates and uses DIDs to access the WBA’s WiFi OpenRoaming networks, as well as their interoperability with standard WiFi networks.

In practical application, MetaBlox users can seamlessly roam between all WiFi networks within the WBA’s OpenRoaming alliance. These networks cover the globe, offering over a million access points to free WiFi OpenRoaming. Users switch automatically between networks while they travel, and without needing to go through a login process each time. This means besides having a better WiFi experience, users will be able to rely less on mobile data as they can stay automatically connected to WiFi.

The WGC presentation received very positive feedback, which served as an opportunity to secure partnerships with Cisco, SingleDigit, and Intel. Together with these key partners, MetaBlox Network will be able to accelerate building the technology needed to standardize its decentralized WiFi authentication protocol which enables seamless WiFi OpenRoaming.