MetaBlox NFT Release Date Announced

An NFT that gives users ongoing passive income is coming soon

MetaBlox has announced that its NFT will be released on Sep 6, 2022 on the OpenSea marketplace. This NFT is special because it is the first miner-pegged NDT, giving holders ongoing cloud mining profits. These profits are issued by MetaBlox miners which verify Web 3.0 connections using DIDs. The miners function as routers for MetaBlox’s global network of hotspots providing DID-holders with free WiFi.

The MetaBlox miners will connect to the NFTs starting on December 12th. The longer you hold onto your NFT, the more new tokens you will collect. The NFT-linked miners are installed in high traffic areas, maximizing your crypto profits.

In addition to collecting mining profits, every NFT is a VIP pass to the MetaBlox community. Members get access to special events as well as special gifts in the form of airdrops (even after December 2022).

The NFTs will be limited to 1000 units on OpenSea, so be sure to load ETH onto your virtual wallet.

Explore MetaBlox’s social media channels for more updates on the NFT release!

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