MetaBlox Supports Net Neutrality

It’s easy to take the Internet for granted, especially when it has been ubiquitous for so long. As more services and applications are built upon the Web3 infrastructure, bandwidth will become a commodity. Since WiFi access has become a necessity for billions of people around the globe, it should be controlled by the people, not corporate internet providers. That’s why by offering a blockchain web credential, the MetaBlox app allows users to connect to free public WiFi without validating their connection through a central service provider. Moreover, users are rewarded rather than throttled for verifying each other’s connections.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality aims to ensure that the data belonging to a small or even one-man startup is treated in the same way as that of large companies like Google.

Everyone should have equal rights to freely use the internet for whichever services they like. Net neutrality prevents ISPs from giving preferential treatment to big cloud corporations. This is because net neutrality prevents these corporations from paying the ISPs to increase access speeds for their content.

The loss of Net Neutrality will limit innovation because not all platforms can afford to pay internet providers to increase speeds, even if their services and offerings are better than others’. Just imagine that while surfing an online store, the internet connection to it is throttled because the platform couldn’t pay its ISP a premium to use a ‘fast lane’.

This type of throttling could ruin customer experiences with many companies.

So the potential loss of net neutrality is not only a threat to current internet browsing freedoms, as its loss could also impact the future of the internet and prevent further innovations.

The Web 3.0 Impact

Like net neutrality, Web3 makes the various interactions between users and the Internet seamless. In the first iteration of the internet, users were only able to read and consume information of the type displayed in emails and simple text documents. The second iteration of the internet enabled users to not only read but also write data. This revolutionized society, and businesses alike. It led to the creation of some of the most valuable and important social media and technology companies in existence, and we are still experiencing the breadth of its impact.

However, technology develops rapidly, and Web3 is here. MetaBlox is poised to become a leader in Web3 infrastructure technology. It is the first network protocol to implement standardized Web3 technologies like DID & VC, which give profits to people, not companies, and which gives every user equal access speeds to Web3. In the early 2000s, many startups emerged that eventually changed the world. The same opportunity is arising now within the Web3 space.

MetaBlox and Net Neutrality

Privacy and control over one’s data is the foundation of a decentralized, free, and open internet. The MetaBlox network protocol gives this privacy and control back to the people. The MetaBlox app will come with a DID (Decentralized-ID) integrated wallet, which is an anonymous digital ID for the Web 3.0 space.

In Web2, people got accustomed to companies spying on them and profiting off exploiting their data. However, many are now shying away from the services provided by these companies . We have seen evidence of this from the decreasing Facebook user base, and from the decline of Meta’s stock value. Thus clearly there is strong user demand for a decentralized, privacy-oriented, and free WiFi network.

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