MetaBlox’s Global WiFi Network Expands Worldwide

Seamless and secure public WiFi connectivity is finally being achieved globally via blockchain technology, with everyday users now deploying MetaBlox’s miner-routers around the world. These routers are also miners because they will yield rewards while providing WiFi: the more connections they establish, the more mPoints they issue. mPoints will become stakeable for MetaBlox tokens after the project’s IDO in 2023.

To connect to the global network MetaBlox miners provide access to, users simply create a special web credential on the MetaBlox app. After the initial connection at a miner-router, all reconnections to the network are seamless and automatic, worldwide.

Anyone can host a MetaBlox miner-router to earn tokens while helping build the global WiFi network. Mining credits are viewable on the MetaBlox app: just visit the ‘Rewards’ section after setting up your miner and connecting your wallet to it.

A MetaBlox router-miner

Those hosting MetaBlox miner-routers earn the points these devices issue while they verify MetaBlox credentials to connect users to WiFi. Users can claim tokens by validating the network from the free MetaBlox app whenever they connect at a miner.

Keep reading for the latest deployment news on this global WiFi network.

MetaBlox Goes Live Worldwide

MetaBlox miners have now been deployed in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Daily MetaBlox transactions are currently over 10,000 on the Harmony network, with MetaBlox hitting the #5 position in overall transaction volume. The project has installed 2,000 miners/routers globally and is looking to grow that number to 20,000 by the end of 2023.

The updated MetaBlox app has also been released for iOS and Android, with users now enjoying seamless WiFi connectivity and claiming MBLX token credits for validating the network. After MetaBlox’s TGE this year, credits will become fully tokenized, making them available for withdrawal and exchange.

MetaBlox app’s network validation screen

Use Cases

In addition to mining opportunities, MetaBlox offers businesses hosting the router-miners powerful solutions for boosting traffic and retaining customers. For instance, the MetaBlox team installed its first Vancouver-area MetaBlox miner at FoodiePower, a small, family-run noodle shop at a food court at the University of British Columbia. FoodiePower’s owners wanted to offer better WiFi access to the students who visit their store, as many complained that the existing on-campus internet was weak and was difficult to connect to.

Now that a MetaBlox router-miner has been deployed in the business, visitors now arrive with the peace of mind of knowing they will connect seamlessly to stable and secure, enterprise-level WiFi.

Router-miners have also been deployed at Sunny M Cafe near Vancouver, as well as local businesses in Manilla, Philippines. As an extra incentive, business hosts are able to present users with custom WiFi landing pages that can be presented periodically, providing them with an extra promotional channel.

At the same time, enterprise-level WiFi connections and mining opportunities are drawing in new traffic to the businesses hosting MetaBlox router-miners. To learn more about the solutions MetaBlox offers to businesses, visit

MetaBlox at ETHDenver 2023

MetaBlox at ETHDenver 2023

A MetaBlox router-miner also recently provided WiFi for guests at IoTeX’s R3AL WORLD event, which was a part of ETHDenver 2023, and which hosted presentations from top MachineFi and IoT projects. MetaBlox thus made the ETH conference one of the first large events to take advantage of seamless blockchain-based WiFi connectivity.

What’s Next?

MetaBlox is launching miner-router sales for anyone who wishes to deploy one! Expect to see a purchase option arrive on the MetaBlox website soon. The token generation event for MetaBlox mining is also coming soon, after which, all WiFi mining rewards will become tokenized and available for exchange or withdrawal. So stay tuned on MetaBlox’s website and community channels for more updates!

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