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Cloud Mining: The Best Way to Mine With MetaBlox

You can purchase a MetaBlox NFT starting September 6th, 2022 in order to collect the crypto profits issued by a MetaBlox miner. This is enabled by the NFT’s cloud mining utility:

For more info on cloud mining, visit the NFT page


MetaBlox Farming


MetaBlox Mining Mobile

The high yield farming comes from DeFi liquidity providing, lending, crypto-payment commission and etc.

DeFi aggregator, working with multiple eco-systems

The yield income will be distributed in new MBLX tokens. Integrated with major DeFi exchanges for user’s swap needs

The MetaBlox app can deliver financial services to the underbanked population to meet their daily needs.


Meta Blox Cyber Security


Multiply Your Mining Profits

You can earn crypto ‘interest’ on your mined tokens by staking them on the MetaBlox app. After a predetermined staking period, your staked tokens will be released back to you along with $MBLX token rewards.

To start staking, download the MetaBlox app

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Lock 20,000 MBLX for 7 days, earn MBLX and 1 voting ticket

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Super Node

Lock 200,000 MBLX for 90 days, earn MBLX and 30 voting ticket


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