MetaBlox Miner

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MetaBlox WiFi Miner

The MetaBlox miner is a router that produces MetaBlox points while providing enterprise-grade WiFi OpenRoaming connections.
Mining yields are proportional to the number of connections established for users, while the miner only requires the same amount of energy as home routers, so hosts enjoy no additional power costs.
MetaBlox points will be redeemable for MetaBlox tokens after the Token Generation Event this year.

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Key Features:

Mining with MetaBlox

The MetaBlox miner is a WiFi router that generates more rewards the more people connect to its OpenRoaming network. It will produce tokens in a mining process by validating web credentials as a blockchain node. (Click here for more info)
The MetaBlox token has not launched yet, so mining rewards are currently issued as points that will be redeemable for tokens after MetaBlox’s Token Generation Event.

Support WiFi


Enterprise Level



MU-MINO Support

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Cloud Management


View the specs PDF for comprehensive info.

MetaBlox’s Web3 WiFi Vision

MetaBlox miners are routers which together build a global, decentralized, and 5G-compatible WiFi network that’s accessible to all.
The network brings enterprise-level WiFi previously only accessible to large companies to regular people worldwide. This includes higher security, better internet quality, savings on 5G cellular services when users roam with MetaBlox network, and access to Web3 spaces like the Metaverse that require strong network coverage.

Optimal Security

We ensure that any home network kept by MetaBlox operators is not compromised by the public network created by our routers for mining. Even if the public network is attacked, our safeguards protect your personal data. Two options are available for this:
If you wish to keep using the home network provided by your existing router, a firewall can isolate this network from the public OpenRoaming-compatible network created by a MetaBlox miner, so attacks on the latter do not compromise the former. By default, the name (SSID) of the OpenRoaming-compatible network will be ‘MetaBloxWiFi’.
If you wish to use a MetaBlox miner for both mining and personal WiFi, it will provide a password-protected private network isolated from the public, OpenRoaming-compatible one. This isolation mechanism protects your devices from exposing their data to the OpenRoaming-compatible Network. MetaBlox miners also create a third network called ‘MetaBloxFree’ which are publicly accessible but not OpenRoaming equipped. Each network is independent, and will not affect the others.

Use Cases

Start Mining on Web3’s WiFi Network

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