Uncover new ways to grow your Business
Benefit from legacy-level technologies previously accessible to only global brands.

New Customer Incentives

Metablox uses a WiFi-based check-in technology with reward-incentives to drive traffic to merchants.

Benefit from a fun and engaging way to attract new customers

Customers will be rewarded with special points by checking in at your store

Points can be redeemed for various gifts, perks, and other bonuses

Enterprise-Level WiFi Network

Metablox WiFi

Get On The Metablox App!

Visibility Boost

  • Get a profile on Metablox’s network map
  • Promote your business within the app
  • Benefit from MetaBlox’s media channels and local ads
  • Attract new customers by becoming a part of a Check-In quest location

Metablox Business Platform

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You can become a part of Metablox’s global network and take advantage of the Check-In app today.

The merchant portal will be available this spring.