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MetaBlox is a Vancouver based project delivering truly 21st-century tools for attracting customers and improving their experiences.

Gamify Your Presence

Benefit from a fun and engaging way to attract new customers

Customers will be rewarded with special points by checking in at your store

Points can be redeemed for various gifts, perks, and other bonuses

Accept Crypto Payments

Accept Crypto Payments


Access the 300 000 000+ consumers worldwide who pay with crypto.


Customers simply scan y our QR code to pay instantly.


No need to change your P.O.S.


Only a 0.5% transaction fee for crypto payments.


Avoid volatility with StableCoin payouts (1 StableCoin = 1 USD).

Enterprise-Level WiFi Network

MetaBlox WiFi

Get The MetaBlox App

Visibility Boost

  • Get a profile on the MetaBlox app’s WiFi location map
  • Promote your business within the app
  • Benefit from MetaBlox’s media channels and local ads

Valuable Bonuses

  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Rewards for onboarding new customers to the MetaBlox app

  • Prepaid credits towards the future MetaBlox loyalty program (limited offer)

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