5G Offloading On MetaBlox Network #

The seamless and widespread WiFi coverage provided by MetaBlox’s decentralized OpenRoaming network lets cellular users offload tasks to WiFi for decreased costs and continuous service. This already happens in homes with a WiFi connection, as support for cell phone calls are automatically ‘offloaded’ from 5G to WiFi networks.

But since many WiFi networks outside of the home do not provide automatic reconnections and are password-protected, their ability to provide 5G offloading services has been limited. On the other hand, the ubiquitous and automatic connections provided by MetaBlox’s global routers enables continuous WiFi support. This allows for devices to consistently use WiFi alongside 5G, improving cellular user experiences.

Cellular users can also save on 5G data costs through offloading cellphone tasks to WiFi. This feature is especially convenient for travelers because cellular roaming and data costs are very high, while WiFi roaming on MetaBlox Network is free. Overall MetaBlox’s passwordless WiFi OpenRoaming network allows users to depend less on cellular roaming for cost savings and an enhanced network UX.