How to Claim MetaBlox Points for Connecting to Free WiFi #


The below instructions describe how to start collecting rewards simply for connecting to global WiFi OpenRoaming hotspots provided by MetaBlox miners. After initial setup, the MetaBlox app lets users connect automatically to any such hotspot and claim mPoints seamlessly, which will be stakeable for MBLX tokens later this year.


The MetaBlox app is available for free for Android or iOS.


Steps 1 and 2 below give instructions on the initial app setup, which enables secure WiFi OpenRoaming on the user’s device. Step 3 gives instructions on how to collect points from within the app after connecting to WiFi at an OpenRoaming hotspot.


1. Open the MetaBlox app and follow the lettered instructions below to set up your account and calibrate the app. If you’ve already done so, login and skip to step 2.


a. Push ‘Get a New Wallet’.


b. Enter a nickname, then push ‘Create’.


c. Wait a few seconds, then push ‘Continue’ when it appears.




2. Follow the lettered instructions below to use the MetaBlox app to connect initially to the global OpenRoaming WiFi network at any active MetaBlox miner.


a. Ensure that your device is within range of an activated MetaBlox miner providing an OpenRoaming WiFi network.


b. In the app, navigate to the ‘WiFi’ tab, then push ‘Connect to Hotspots’.




c. Push ‘Settings’ in the popup that appears.




d. In your device’s WiFi settings, select the network called ‘MetaBlox-OpenRoaming’.


e. On iPhone, push ‘Trust’ in the settings popup. You should then connect to the OpenRoaming-compatible WiFi network provided by the miner.


After this initial connection at any MetaBlox miner, reconnections (at any miner) will be automatic. So to collect points subsequently, you will simply have to open the app and follow the instructions below.




3. After completing the above steps, return to the MetaBlox app and complete the below instructions to collect MetaBlox points.


a. Navigate to the ‘WiFi tab. You should see a connection status screen showing that you have connected to WiFi via a MetaBlox miner:




b. To collect MetaBlox points, push ‘Start Validating for Rewards’. This will bring you to the following success screen:




c. Navigate to the ‘Rewards’ tab to view your points, which will become redeemable for tokens later in 2023.