Metablox Network App: The Key to Seamless Global Openroaming #

The MetaBlox Network app is the key to accessing MetaBlox’s global WiFi OpenRoaming network in a few simple steps:

1. Open the app to generate a decentralized identifier (DID), which will automatically be stored on your device.

2. If you are within range of a MetaBlox Network or Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)-member router, your device will connect to WiFi. Access points provided by MetaBlox Network routers will be named ‘MetaBlox’ or ‘MetaBlox Network’ in your device’s WiFi settings.The app will also have an access point-viewing map which provides a view of nearby WBA or MetaBlox routers.

3. After initially connecting to the network, you will not have to open the app again to reconnect via other routers. Connections will be made automatically whenever your device moves back within range of a router. This lets users travel from access point to access point while staying seamlessly connected to the network.