Why MetaBlox Network Is Unique #

The unique combination of convenient, passwordless authentication and high security make MetaBlox Network stand out from the rest. WiFi access has traditionally traded security for convenience, while MetaBlox Network has developed a way to achieve both.

MetaBlox Network is just as secure as other OpenRoaming networks, adhering to the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s (WBA’s) OpenRoaming standards. It also implements other advanced security protocols and performance standards established by the Web3 and telecommunications industries.

Yet while adhering to these OpenRoaming security standards, the network delivers a WiFi connection experience that is superior to what other networks provide.

This unique combination of benefits is ensured by the Network’s special authentication protocol, which uses identifiers that are stored on a blockchain rather than any central database.

Through this technique, the protocol accomplishes high data security and user-privacy, but it also delivers the convenient feature of automatic network access, as users don’t have to enter any login material or create an account to connect. To connect to the network for the first time, they simply need to open the MetaBlox Network app, after which they will automatically connect whenever within range of a participating router.