MetaBlox Announces Release of its own NFTs

In an exciting step in the evolution of Web3, MetaBlox will be releasing its very own collection of NFTs on the OpenSea crypto marketplace. These tokens will give holders special access to MetaBlox’s emerging infrastructure for the new internet, providing a way to engage in deFi, dApp usage, blockchain mining, blockchain data management, and more. So if you are curious about what Web3 has to offer, read on and learn more about MetaBlox NFTs.

Limited Supplies

Only 1000 MetaBlox NFTs will be minted initially, all of which will be linked to the first 1000 MetaBlox crypto miners. Since they will secure for them the first MBLX miners, holders of first-generation MBLX NFTs will likely get more tokens than those who invest in miners in the future. Simply put, mining will be at its most lucrative on a new network!

This first batch of MBLX NFTs will have a mint price of 0.5 ETH, and to make pioneering the construction of Web3 worth every token, MetaBlox will reward first-generation NFT holders with special airdrops, bonuses, and event access. By making all their NFTs compatible with later versions they will also ensure that firg-gen holders are not left behind after new generations are released.

Your Key to Web3

MetaBlox NFTs function as premium passes to Web3 and the blockchain internet. Owners of these tokens will be able to exchange, buy, and sell them on deFi platforms and crypto exchanges, all while taking advantage of blockchain data security. By engaging dApps and deFi platforms, these special internet assets will help build a decentralized infrastructure for Web3.

Why are MetaBlox NFTs Special?

The biggest thing that sets MetaBlox’s NFTs apart from other series of tokens is that MBLX NFTs are not PFP tokens. Though PFPs can be collected as blockchain-encrypted artwork, they are still usually just simple photos or digital artwork. MetaBlox NFTs are different since they have unique capabilities that create monetary value for holders while giving them privileged access to the growing blockchain internet.

Profit-Making Utilities

So what specific features separate MBLX NFTs from the rest? Well, the most important ones are those which create value for holders in an ongoing way; which generate easy profits in the form of passive income. The two main ways in which MBLX NFTs will create profit for holders are through:

  • Cloud Mining
  • Mining boosts

Mine Crypto with MBLX NFTs

Regarding their first profit-making feature, MetaBlox NFTs will secure crypto miners for holders. The NFT-linked miners will be remotely located in high-traffic areas, which means their mining returns will be maximized. Since MBLX miners operate as WiFi routers, the more internet connections they validate, the more crypto tokens they mine. So by validating many blockchain network connections due to their busy locations, MetaBlox rigs will create more revenue for holders than if they were placed in their home or workspace.

This means NFT holders will make easy, ongoing profits by operating one of a million open roaming WiFi nodes on MetaBlox’s network. Internet users who connect to WiFi near an MBLX rig will be able to roam without giving their credentials to any centralized internet provider.

No Maintenance, No Operating Costs

Moreover, the remote MBLX mining rigs need not be maintained in any way by MetaBlox NFT holders, so they will accrue no operating costs, even for their energy usage. That’s why MetaBlox’s miners provide an easier, more passive source of income–and thus a quicker ROI– compared to other miners.

Boost Mining Profits

Another way MetaBlox’s NFTs will create ongoing value for their holders is through enhancing the performance of the MetaBlox mining rigs they link to. MBLX miners are located in high-traffic locations, increasing the amount of tokens the holder receives over what they’d receive with a non-NFT linked MetaBlox miner.


MBLX NFT holders will be eligible to receive special airdrops in the form of MetaBlox crypto tokens and other surprises from them and their partners. Expect these gifts to grow in their value and variety as Web3 continues to develop.


MetaBlox NFTs will also contain passes to special events and promotions from MetaBlox and its partners. As its network grows and launches more exciting blockchain projects, MetaBlox is looking forward to meeting the emerging Web3 community.

A Revolutionary Moment

MetaBlox’s NFT announcement marks an important milestone in the development of Web3 and blockchain networking. MBLX NFTs will empower holders to create a more decentralized, democratic internet via blockchain technology. Anyone with a token will be able to contribute to the construction of Web3 by mining crypto, holding special blockchain assets, conducting deFi, using dApps, and much more.

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