MetaBlox is a Free WiFi Network That Rewards Users

MetaBlox’s Web 3.0 WiFi network puts user privacy first. With currently developing standards like DID (Decentralized-ID) & VC (Verifiable Credentials), users can anonymously control and own their data in the blockchain. This data model sets the standard for Web 3.0, which will attract many users to MetaBlox’s network.

The sole purpose of the MetaBlox network is to create a global and free-to-access open WiFi hotspot network that rewards each participant for contributing to it.

Telecommunications companies are currently some of the most profitable in the world. Their services are in constant demand, and their operating costs are low once the appropriate infrastructure is set up. MetaBlox decentralizes this initial infrastructure and its costs by giving data miners that function as WiFi routers to the public. People will set up these small network cells that provide free WiFi to MetaBlox users. As a result, they will be rewarded for maintaining and operating the network.

How Does MetaBlox Work?

Users who access free WiFi validate the miners which provide internet access. This interaction between user and miner verifies the MetaBlox network protocol, and both parties are rewarded for their contribution.

To accessMetaBlox’s free WiFi, users need to download the MetaBlox app. Once they sign up in the app, a unique Decentralized MetaBlox ID will be generated to connect users with different WiFi networks in a highly secure way. Via the MetaBlox app, users will be able to access free WiFi wherever MetaBlox miners are installed.

MetaBlox’s core technology involves implementing the use of DID & VC for internet browsing that provides access to blockchain networks. People may be hesitant to access sensitive information and data while using an open WiFi network, but DID & VC allows people to remain anonymous and in control of their data. This technology allows us to return control of the internet and the profits it generates to its users.

Final Words

MetaBlox is currently undergoing its development phase. Before the MetaBlox app becomes available to users, it will go through many significant iterations. This development will ensure a secure, private, high-speed, and rewarding Web 3.0 experience.

We have big plans for the future. All we need is your support and energy to help us grow . Stay tuned to keep yourself updated on all the latest news about MetaBlox.

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