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MetaBlox NFTs-

The first miner-pegged NFT is Launching on OpenSea
September 6th, 2022
in limited supplies

Holders will be rewarded with cloud mining profits, airdrops, and access to special events.

MetaBlox NFT v2

NFT Cloud Mining

Earn Crypto Seamlessly

MetaBlox is releasing the first miner-pegged NFT, which collects the crypto issued by a MetaBlox miner. These miners function as WiFi routers, validating peoples’ DIDs for internet access and issuing $MBLX tokens in return.

Special Staking Period

The cloud mining utility for MetaBlox NFTs will launch on December 12th, but. between September 12th and December 12th, anyone can stake their MetaBlox NFT for daily airdrops of $MBLX tokens.

All Features

Cloud mining and other features make the MetaBlox NFT the perfect Web 3.0 gateway

Cloud Mining
Premium Pass to
MetaBlox Events
Exclusive Access to MetaBlox Airdrops
Crypto Cloud Mining Icon

Cloud Mining

Mine Crypto with NFT-Linked Rigs

MetaBlox NFT holders get the crypto profits from a MetaBlox mining rig that verifies DIDs for Web 3.0 access.


Premium Location

MetaBlox NFTs are linked to miners in areas with high WiFi traffic, optimizing token yields. MetaBlox also covers the miners’ operating costs.

Premium Pass to MetaBlox Events

Access Exclusive Events

MetaBlox NFTs are also passes to special events held by MetaBlox and its partners.

Exclusive Access to MetaBlox Airdrops

Receive Special MBLX Airdrops

NFT holders will receive special airdrops like MetaBlox crypto tokens and other surprises.