The Importance of Safe OpenRoaming, and MetaBlox’s Role

Keeping constantly connected to the internet has become almost non-negotiable in these modern times. And as more and more activities are done over the web, online access has to be available for users anytime, anywhere – even while on-the-go. 

There are essentially two ways users connect to the internet when outside of their homes and offices. One is through cellular data and the other is through WiFi.  Most users prefer the latter option, as connecting to WiFi does not consume data, which is particularly important for those facing  usage caps. Also, since cellular data requires a SIM card, most devices besides cell phones  can only use  WiFi, not cellular .  

One  way internet users can  access public WiFi is through connecting to the hotspots provided by the telco companies they  have  subscriptions with . Access to these hotspots is usually seamless, as registered devices automatically connect once a signal is detected. Another way to access public WiFi is by connecting to the hotspots offered by  private establishments such as  coffee shops or  malls. In these cases, users will usually have to register each time they want to get access. 

While these  systems do give users access to WiFi across different locations, they still have issues that keep users from having a truly seamless and safe experience. For one, users are unable to access hotspots provided by telcos they are’t customers of. Another is that each time users log in to a different hotspot, they have to reveal  personal information, raising security and privacy concerns. 

OpenRoaming services resolve these issues by  letting users seamlessly and automatically connect to different WiFi hotspots without having to log in every single time.  

The Role of MetaBlox 

MetaBlox works hand-in-hand with telco providers to serve the public with free OpenRoaming WiFi that  addresses security and privacy concerns regarding public hotspots. Using the MetaBlox app, users generate login credentials via a decentralized indettifier (or DID). These DIDs grant access to the MetaBlox network of hotspots without divulging any personal information. Since DIDs are stored on a blockchain, only users have access to their personal details, letting them take full control of their privacy. This is a significant security feature, as personal information can be kept from potentially being sold to enterprises or stolen by hackers. 

In application, a user connected to a MetaBlox WiFi hotspot in one public location should automatically connect to the Metablox network in another  area, without having to re-input login credentials. This convenience is offered while keeping user information safe, and MetaBlox envisions this to be implemented at a global scale. 

Final Remarks

MetaBlox positions itself to deliver practical solutions for the constantly increasing demand for online connectivity. And through Blockchain technology, MetaBlox is able to provide free OpenRoaning service to its users without making any compromise on privacy and security. 

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